veils of snow

Jan 2

This piece uses image transfer to get the tree onto white fabric. I colored parts of the tree, an oak in Ellington, CT, with marker, and then put two layers of silk organza over it and stitched them all down to the page. I need some way to get specks of white onto the layers of organza – paint might work or might be too heavy.

I am unexpectedly fond of seeing the air full of shifting moisture. I rather like rain, especially when I'm inside, I love snow falling, and looking through mist and fog is an enduring pleasure.

Today was a banner day for seeing snowy landscapes with more snow blowing about. I went north to Greenfield for some horse supplies, and then back to the barn and rode the red horse, and then slowly home watching the landscape obscured and revealed.The snow has picked up this evening, and we're forecast to get a couple more inches. My mother, on the coast, is being hammered, and is slated for twice what we are.

The kids have today and tomorrow off from school, which is fine with me. It feels like a longer vacation, and I am happy to make use of it. More sleeping is a good plan.

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