knitted bag

knitted bag

So – I've been sick. Not hugely ill, but sit peacefully on the end of the couch and knit levels of sick. And I decided to work on getting better at two color/two handed knitting, with some limited success. I finished the applied i-cord edgeing last night, and the directions say "pat it, admire it, photograph it, and then felt it"

So I did. This is the before felting picture. It is kind of huge and floppy, which generally means it will compact nicely when run through the washing machine.

I have to keep remembering it takes me a couple of tries to get a new thing. I applied i-cord edging 3 different times before it suddenly looked reasonable, and felt correct. I'm really grateful to the people who post you-tube videos and tutorials for how to do these things.

I'll report back after the felting process…

pintos in the grass

pintos in the grass

Part of a commission I worked on today – a single file of 5 horses headed downhill, in front of (or under?) a sunset. The sunset was fun! I dyed silk organza in six different shades of pink, yellow and orange, and then experimented with layering them in different orders. I twas startled at how much difference the order made, especially the top two colors. The end result is a little garish; I may have to tone it down somehow.