ambiguous chicory blue

chicory blue

I finally managed to finish a couple pieces over the last two days. Focus helps, as does an air conditioner in the studio, and a rainy day. Good weather still means horses take precedence!

My mother notices things. I think it is a super power, partly because she mostly notices pretty and interesting things. And when she notices, she also points out, so traveling with her is an education in looking closer. She names the flowers by the side of the road, and chicory is a favorite, I think because of the ambiguity of the color, an in between, purpley-blue, or bluey-purple. It is permanently tagged in my head as 'ambiguous chicory blue'. I was trying to catch the elegance of the color against the woody stems.

3 thoughts on “ambiguous chicory blue

  1. Ohhhh, my dear Lee, I LOVE this one !!!!
    chicory is one of my favourites too !
    You made the colour and form só well :
    I went AHHHHHH (sigh) when I saw this work
    just pop up in my blog-list !
    I would lóve to have it in my garden, but
    it doesn’t grow very easy there (the soil
    is just tóó rich !) Just like hollyhock
    (or a poppy) that too pops up in the smallest
    ridge between the stones and the house 😉


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