Aerin comes home tonight! Well, shortly after midnight, so tomorrow really, but I will still be awake, so it will feel like part of today, and I will hug her and squeeze her and be so pleased to see her!

elgance of lace

queen anne's lace

Queen Anne's Lace is one of those things I grew by mistake, but I am pleased it is here. I used to pick it for the girls to dye different colors by adding food color to the water. When they were wilted and dreadful, I'd toss them into the garden, where apparently they have volunteered and thrived.

Like ferns, these are self-similar, and like ferns, I can fall into the details of the blossom, admiring the levels of umbels and umbellets and tiny flowers. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to print Queen Anne's Lace, with no success at all. This idea has come closer than most.


ambiguous chicory blue

chicory blue

I finally managed to finish a couple pieces over the last two days. Focus helps, as does an air conditioner in the studio, and a rainy day. Good weather still means horses take precedence!

My mother notices things. I think it is a super power, partly because she mostly notices pretty and interesting things. And when she notices, she also points out, so traveling with her is an education in looking closer. She names the flowers by the side of the road, and chicory is a favorite, I think because of the ambiguity of the color, an in between, purpley-blue, or bluey-purple. It is permanently tagged in my head as 'ambiguous chicory blue'. I was trying to catch the elegance of the color against the woody stems.