lord of the mummy wrappings

nov 2

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In the late 1980s there was a man making wooden automata. I want to say Spooner, but I am not sure. He had a display of many og his automata in the cellar at Covent Garden, where I spent a happy hour pushing all the buttons and watching them move. Mr Spooner was very fond of Anubis, and showed him eating spagetti, sipping an espresso at a cafe, and bathing. Labels for each of the Anubis pieces carefully used his full name: Anubis, jackal headed god of the mummy wrappings. Which, for some reason, cracked me up.

A tiny amount of googling produced Paul Spooner. Iam grateful to my brain for remembering odd things.

at last, poor Yorick

nov 1

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We have the world's most ambivalent printer. And it is black. It grinds its wheels, and clicks and whirs for what feels like minutes, and finally pulls in a sheet of paper, pushes it out and pulls it in again before it finally finally finally prints. We named it Hamlet. And of course it has needed a Yorick. So I finished today's circle and stuck it to Hamlet the printer.