near miss

july 24


Both Kate and I wanted the Queen Anne's Lace printed on the silk organza to be a beautiful overlay on the same thing printed on a more opaque layer, and it just isn't quite. I think part of the reason is that my pleasure in the print of the flower is all the detail that is visible, and the stitching and organza layer do not combine to leave the detail clear. Which is a bummer.

That is why I experiment – because sometimes things really don't quite work. Even though I think they should.

squdgy and cool

july 22


Another day that started out lovely and cool, but got hot later. Red Kate came by and we tried walking, but with my hip and her knee and the hot, we decided to turn around sooner rather than later.

It was a day of plotzing on the couch. Aerin did it first, I tried it before Kate convinced me to walk, Al accomplished it while we were walking, and Alice, pushed off the couch, wound up flopped onto the computer bench and an adjacent chair.

This was one of my favorite of today's prints. I'm finding what I can and can't roll paint over; feathers are a disaster, they stick to things and get wet and stuck togehter, the back of Queen Anne's Lace on the other hand, is brilliant. It is stiff enough that it holds a shape and bears up under a coat of paint, and can be pressed on without giving up the ghost.

The wubbly squishiness of the gelatin continues to please me immensely.

string or nothing

july 21

The title is, as many of you know, Gollum's last cheating guess of three (because it was two guesses) at what was in Bilbo's pocket(esses)(precious).  

I am hugely relieved at the cooler weather. The horses are also hugely relieved at the cooler weather and have demonstrated this with cheerful forward motion. The mosquitos cannot breed in a drought, although the corn is suffering and the river is way down.  We have rain forecast for Monday – it might damp down the dust, but I think it won't make a dent on the low water. 


july 20


or maybe more like smoosh – feathers are such a great idea for this process, but they do attach themselves to the brayer as you roll paint over them…

More on this later. I have to make two smaller bird pieces to go with the feather pieces to go to the gallery at the end of next week. One blue jay, to go with the feathers, one red tail, to go with that feather, and then maybe a pair with a crow and a crow feather.