goofing with the bees

july 31


I think this one is for Audrey – she who keeps bees and is (still, I think) obsessed with hexagons. The nut I had stubbed my toe on in the kitchen was hexagonal, so I was using it to blot paint off the plate, until I realized it had paint on it and I could transfer that onto another plate… So I did. Hence, hexagon. So to speak.

I sand with the Sacred Harp group again tonight. Last week I felt like I had a grip, this week I was seated next to a dubious person, and we were flailing more. It makes me wonder if my dad might come. The sight reading and the harmony might make him happy.

One thought on “goofing with the bees

  1. Great idea, Cynth. Ina and Diane Eskinasy and Tim all sing with shape note groups. Ina came to N’pton and Betty and I came to cheer when Aerin was about 8. Fish and chips, ice cream,some Olympics and rain ended yesterday. ZZZZZ’s still today. Sun’s coming out, maybe boats!


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