may 29

may 29


On the plus side for today: I dropped Alice off at school and popped down the road to see my dad. He's using less painkillers, is sturdier, more himself, and managed to galvanize the entire place yesterday by letting himself out the front door and stomping around the building for exercise.

Then I rode a horse. Then I found kids at school, and after some scrimmage got them correctly distributed.

On the minus side: My camera is working but won't open the lens cover, so the pictures are only a sideways slit. It is really hot, which is making Alice and me miserable.

But: I can take reasonable pictures with my phone, and a bank of thunderstorms is rolling through making big noises and cooling the place down.

On the whole, more pluses than minuses.

This leave is from a Very Large Sumac, it is nearly a tree, and I am embarrassed to say I am running out of trees I recognize.

One thought on “may 29

  1. There is a very large cottonwood tree currently distributing its cottony fluff on the way to the fairgrounds. I’m pretty sure there are also a couple of sassafras trees somewhere near the dyke/road to the fairgrounds.
    And there are two small fig trees for sale at the co-op. (Just sayin’. :D)


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