may 20

may 20

I am slightly embarrassed about the backwards "s" in the tree name, but that is what happens when I overthink things and go too slow! Stitching letters is a slower process than other work I do.

I rode a dressage test in a schooling show today. Kaboose did well, I did well, I laughed with pleasure as we turned up the center line for the final halt. The scores weren't what I'd hoped, but it was better than 50%. Anything over 50% and you get ice cream to celebrate. Anything under 50% and you get ice cream to console yourself. Riding in shows requires a surprising amount of rewards.

A friend and I agreed we'd try to tie eachother's scores, at 62.5% We both thought it was great that we were within a point of eachother, at 58.9 (her) and 59.3 (me). I told her she didn't have to go off course next time, and I'd take the lower score.

We think we're funny…

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