green willow

<p>When all the other trees are just getting green and solid, willow trees have been green for a week or more. This is a leaf from a trio of willows next to the bike path just across the river.</p>

<p>Process for this sounds complex, but isn’t really! First I printed the leaf using the oil paintsticks onto soluble stabilizer. I stitched all the veins and around the outside, making sure they overlapped and locked together. The places where I have loose threads is where that failed. Then I ran it under water to dissolve the stabilizer, dried it and stitched it to the circle. There is still some stabilizer in the thread, making it stiffer than plain, clean thread.</p>

<p>Today it rained, almost all day. I took advantage of the indoor time to cut a bunch of new circles, order stabilizer and frames for works that are going into the gallery, and putz about making space in my room. Happiest news all day? My dad is feeling a little better! Second happiest news? Someone called and wants to buy a piece that is on exhibit at the Cup and Top Cafe! I am delighted!!</p>

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