March inspiration and March 3

March black and white landscapes

What I didn't expect when I laid out my plans for the year in January was a snowstorm on March first, followed by gorgeous atmospheric weather and all the colors I've been thinking about. I'm not one to pass up inspiration when it whacks me on the head and gives everyone a snow day, so for a while you'll be seing small black and white landscapes in circles, inspired by the ones seen above. 

And the first of those is here. 

march 3

The advantage to driving a particular path routinely is watching things change across the seasons. I have a particular fondness for this field – the curve of it into the horizon defined by the woods at the edge, the lines of the rows of corn, as they grown green and are harvested. The cut corn stalks make particularly elegant hash marks against new snow. 

One thought on “March inspiration and March 3

  1. yes! i think when one travels the same road repeatedly, especially if it farmed or lightly used (no houses) one gathers a whole volume of experiences and grows to love details, like the one slightly off row of corn stubble, the hedgerow, the edges, the sky sitting in the tree branches. what a layered quilt one sees, and i love how you’ve described it here.


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