Valentine’s Day can be very pink


I don't know about your brain, but my brain can be really…. bossy.  It wanted me to make 14 felted hearts. So I did. 

I started by needlefelting a single large piece of mostly-red felt, with lots of other colors in it. I cut 14 hearts from the large piece. From the last week or so of scraps, I cut out smaller hearts to stick onto the larger hearts. Then I stitched things together. 

Now I have 14 hearts to give to people! 

So I wish you a heart-felt Happy Valentine's Day.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day can be very pink

  1. Do you come home from a day at the stable and find all these messages scribbled on wrinkled up scraps of felt and they say things like “Why don’t you use more orange?” or “You and what guild?” or “Make another horse”?


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