Fun on horseback

I'm distracted with the final details of a horse show being put on at the barn. This is wonderful fun, but takes up rather a lot of time. 

People at the barn started talking about this in that "wouldn't it be fun?" kind of way in the middle of the summer, and the ideas we had just got sillier and sillier. We were thinking about quadrilles (four horses together) and pas de deux (two horses together – I don't have any idea why the vocabulary is French!) and trying to think which horses would actually go well together, and which would just be funny. Then we had fun contemplating costuming, because who wouldn't want ride with a friend AND wear a fabulous costume of some kind? And then we thought that to keep expenses down we could ask people to bring a prize for the Prize Box. And then we got really silly, and said you could nominate a judge (for a small fee) to be your partisan on the judges panel. 

And then Elaine picked a day and asked if I'd actually do it, so I said yes. This Sunday. Tomorrow. To my relief, the fun part is tacked onto some other things that are happening the same day. We have a costume class, and two solo musical rides, and two pas de deux (one is me and my co-organizer; her horse is ENORMOUS and takes huge strides, I am on a smallish grumpy short strided horse so I keep having to scuttle to keep up… we think we are hysterical). 

So, I'll try to have pictures, or maybe video, and I'll report back. 

One thought on “Fun on horseback

  1. one of the most fun times for me was in a costume class-i was thin (sigh) and borrowed an 18th c. gown from a univ theater department, lavender, my long (then brown) curls, and hidden. underneath? my boots and breeches, which i later split from crotch to waistband in a fall. sigh, summer shows! anyway, my gray mare with her purple leg wraps and me got a first.


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