big birch tree

big birch tree

I almost titled this post "return to competence" but then I thought maybe I shouldn't jinx it. I have strong superstitions about jinxing things, mostly I think because of my faith in Murphy's Law (what can go wrong, will go wrong and in the most disastrous way possible). In one of my favorite author's books, Murphy's Law is one of few things that survives a couple hundred years into the future and space faring. That is real power! So I tend to try not to tempt fate by saying things out loud that are going too well. 

This is the is large birch tree in the foreground. I'll have to fill in more of the foreground with tiny trees worked from the back. I managed to make that process work again today, after sleeping a lot and having a nice dinner. 

Worked from the back is a way to use differnt threads in the sewing machine than will go through the regular thread path. The regular thread path pulls thread back and forth through the eye of the needle, and soft threads, fat threads and shiny threads all prefer not to undergo that. The path thread follows from the bobbin is much shorter and more direct, so all those more delicate threads can be used. Except you have to work on the back of the piece instead of the front. This works well if you have a firm plan, but it is possible to get into trouble with lack of forethought. Which is pretty much true of life! 

2 thoughts on “big birch tree

  1. Cynth, might you print your ruminations, especially the one about how ice looks, to go under your pictures? It gives the viewer a nice insight into what you were thinking as the piture developed into the finished whole.


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