the eyeball

Rhode Island Red eyeball

Finished, finally!

I'm on vacation for the next two weeks; first around home, then visiting my brother and his family, including the world's best nephew. I am known as Aunty Gravity. I get to be the bad aunt. This is really much better than it sounds. It means I can feed the boy ice cream before dinner and give him loud musical instruments for presents, and generally spoil him dreadfully. Which is, of course, such wonderful fun because his parents have such a firm grip on him otherwise. Honestly, the world's best boy. Well, except for whichever one you are closest to!

2 thoughts on “the eyeball

  1. We have an Aunty Gravity in our life too. She drives me crazy sometimes, but I know how important it is for my little person to have that figure in her life! And my little person LOVES her Aunty. Have fun!


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