beautiful blue background


I like my backgrounds. It took most of a year to refine the way I make them, which wasn't what I expected at all. I thought once I knew what I liked (raw edges, stitches that hold the pieces down and together, coordinating thread colors, a stiffish supporting) I could just bang them out and think about other things. Except, that has not been the case. I still like to experiment with variations.

This is the background for the eyeballing chicken from the previous post. I thought you might like to see it more like a landscape, and less like a background. 

One thought on “beautiful blue background

  1. Oh how I love synchronicity – this post is time-perfect for me. Firstly though I want to say that this is wonderful – the textures, the patterns show how much thought, deliberation have gone into the forming. Plus I want to thank you – I have been deliberating about where I want to go with my cloths, thus far in my head, but having seeing this post – yes! backgrounds – so important. Start with the basics (the base). Fabulous!


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