return of the sketch book!!

Remember back in November when people walked into the house and walked out with Al's wallet, my pocket book and Aerin's laptop? And we were pretty sure the pocketbook and wallet were around somewhere nearby? That was a good intuition, we just failed to find the stuff before Al panicked and they laid under four months of snow. A neighbor and his son were playing frisbee, and basically tripped over my bag, and Al's wallet was right on top. We went back later and located my bright orange wallet. They hadn't touched the credit cards or license, and actually I found the $20 of emergency cash that they'd failed to locate.  

I am so pleased to see my sketchbook again, and my old calendar, and the tiny book of what I'd spent on everything. Plus, now I get to choose between ORANGE and PINK for my wallet. Nuthin' but good times! 


mental (and physical) tidying

I am thinking part of the reason I have been so unenthused about working on anything has more to do with the level of chaos in my workspace and maybe less to do with the ongoing uncertainty on what to do with the end results.

With Alice home sick today I stood in my room most of the day and picked up, threw away, filed and sorted. The end result is more usable space, and a more inviting place to stand. My mind is seething with projects. There may be more and better work coming soon.


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My second ride in Montague.

Mom – Doesn’t he look like Wicker? Except the right size for his head.

I looove him. he’s fun.