trees at Smith

trees at Smith
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I have not one but TWO new cameras!!

One is a reasonable extension of the last camera, another nice little Cannon with more megapixels in the image and much better light handling. It is really clever, actually. It can tell when a person is smiling, and take a picture, which we, of course, tested. Aerin decided it had to do with white at the mouth, and made it go by flashing a small piece of paper under her nose. I spent a while trying to get it to do fancy things with color, and it has done well with some outdoor shots.

The second one is odder. I got a new phone when the old one was in the bag that got stolen. Al talked me into a smart phone, which I’ve been discovering slowly. I love (lovelove) being able to get a weather radar anytime, so I can see when it is going to rain, or snow, on my head. I like the gps functions so I get less lost. It has a camera, which isn’t bad.

But because it is really a computer that makes phone calls, it can manipulate the camera images in unexpected ways. So there is a Retro Camera app, that takes pictures and processes the resultong images in ways that makes them look like they have come from a polaroid, or a brownie, or a pinhole camera. There are two others, but I don’t recognize them. I have been enjoying taking pictures of winter trees using these older ways of seeing.

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