bracelet frenzy

bracelet frenzy
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Red Kate came over yesterday, after the Holiday Parade in Florence.

Let me take a moment to describe the Holiday Parade in Florence because it is nearly perfect. It started with six troupes of Brownies and Girls Scouts, followed by the High School Band in warm clothes and Santa hats, then local politicians, a bagpipe band, Shriners in little goofy cars, Veterans, Revolutionary War Re-enactors, another community band and Santa. The parade route is so short, they go twice around the block, so if you miss anything the first time you get to clap all over again. It is tiny, local, and friendly.

Anyhow – Red Kate came over and made earrings from the beads she'd brought with her, so I dragged my stash downstairs and picked out a handful of interesting things. Apparently it was fun, because I couldn't stop. I finished off some strings of beads I've been saving for some other project I've forgotten, and random handfuls of pretty things that kind of go together. I am quite pleased with myself.

I am less pleased with the last of the Nano pieces. It still requires a fair amount of work, which is supposed to be done by Tuesday.

One thought on “bracelet frenzy

  1. Your rich tones look perfect for Thanksgiving time. I love your foggy fabric pieces–it looks like the landscape out my window right now. Sorry to hear about the break in–that must be very unnerving.


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