birch reflections

birch reflections
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I think this one is done.

I have to make another about today, because I just had the best ride in ages – out on trails with company, trotting and cantering along under the cloudless blue sky, with the amazing colors of a New England fall bright and backlit all around me (and sometimes stuck into my helmet!).

2 thoughts on “birch reflections

  1. the last few blog entries are so full of the delights of fall-bird colors and trees (trees!!!), family circus, and riding. this is the time of year i miss riding the most. riding in the western adirondacks on my thoroughbred mare- oh, lord, what could be better?


  2. Lovely!
    I thought of you whilst on a few days away at the beach – took a couple of photos of pictures in the sand as they reminded me of the river work you did. Will link to them this week.


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