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I have been having a Lovely Vacation, thank you!

This is Image, Janice's 19 year old Holsteiner gelding that I am riding a couple days a week. He has a LOT of training, and I learn some new thing every time I ride him. Today we were out in the field because it was cloudy and cool, with the barn swallows sweeping about in front of us catching things along the tops of the grass.

This last month had a Very Large Horse Show in it, that included imposing on my mother (hi Mom!) (Thank you Mom!) and boarding the Canadian girls at the show. It was nerve wracking working up to it, but kind of fun once we were there.

I have stepped away from my studio for longer than I meant to. I finished a trilobite that I will photograph soon. A couple pieces were left in various states of disarray, and I need to get going on them again.

Next week we go to catch up with my brother, sister-in-law (best ever!) and nephew.

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