maybe it is just for kids

We were at Circus Smirkus pretty much all day yesterday. We ushered and took tickets for the afternoon show, which was happy and made me laugh, and then Al came up and we ushered and took tickets for the evening show which was sold out and had a long line of people that mostly made it in. While the afternoon show as great, the evening show really rocked. I think having a bigger (louder) audience makes a lot of difference to how the show proceeds. Brattleboro is a very familiar stop, and a lot of the troupers take lessons with NECCA, so I think there is a lot of local enthusiasm when the circus comes to town.

There is so much to love about this show; the energy and enthusiasm the kids bring to the performance, the shouts and shrieks of the audience, the excellent live music. Plus the quality of the performers improves with each year.

I think this is one of their best years ever.

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