July 2

July 2
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

dots, big ones –

Al’s company was giving away m&ms in little adorable boxes, and when the conference was over they had a ton of little boxes left. And they said I could have them. So I brought them home, and wanted to make things to put into the boxes, like these.

They still need something. Like beads. Or something.

One thought on “July 2

  1. Pretty! When you said you were going to put them in boxes, I thought, ooooh, like magic coasters! I don’t know why I would think of such mundane things. Equally, they could be fiber tarot cards (fiber Divination Dots?) or a Dot a Day – like your postcards you did that year, but dots instead. Perhaps a Diary Dot; each dot records one thing that happened on the day you made it. But, now I’m blathering. Probably because I am having a very long weekend and have been sewing, too, and the dam that has been holding back the creative juices has been let loose just a little.
    Blather, blather.


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