four of 100

June 3
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Actually I have 48 of them cut out. After sketching a page of snakes, I decided to free hand the cutting. Mostly because I am too lazy to trace all those snakes, and partly because I like drawing with scissors.

The 100 snakes comes from a friend exclaiming over something unusual happening, and asking "What next? A hundred tiny green snakes falling from the cupboards singing the Hallelujah Chorus?" I loved the image of a hundred tiny green snakes, so here I am, cutting them out to stick onto red backgrounds. Making them all fit (25 in each 10" square) is going to be tricky. I think they will be interlaced. The trick then is to keep it form looking like one of those fornicating bunnies mugs (completely Not Safe For Work, except that I used to have one at work, so what can I really tell you?).