long weekend family camp

archery award family camp
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

whew –

Sat: family camp, including canoeing, kayaking, a hike, a nap and a herd of 10/11 year old girls (and Noah), and the campfire where one child sang a Bon Jovi song with his foot behind his head, winning the prize for most surreal since two years ago when another pair of children sang the Darth Vader Cheese Song (indescribable)

Sun: more family camp, including High Ropes (yikes! Wheee!) and a painted turtle laying eggs, another nap, the Archery Prize (see photo) and Aerin and I sadly left for home so that she could march in…

Mon: Memorial Day Parade and program at Florence cemetery, followed by Band cookout (along with about 150% of the town population with cousins, offspring and hangers-on) and horse work for me

and today I resumed the schedule concept for fabric work, and accomplished 2 hours of work I cannot show you on the exquisite corpse piece, and jumped the Penny horse, and jammed my finger on the Ruby horse. And had another nap, because I was on a roll. When I had Aerin in Brattleboro for circus.


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