4 thoughts on “Birthday Bouquet

  1. Nice bouquet!!! 75 years – what a wonderful accomplishment. Brownell is blowing bubbles in celebration.
    It’s sweet pea planting day on Monhegan, the sun is shining, the sea breeze is perfect, the pugs are snoring on the porch…so it positively must be a good day in Ipswich too.
    Happy Birthday Sally!!! And hello Cynthia, Al, Alice, and Aerin!!!
    Jes, Brownell, Port, Starboard, and traveling Mattie


  2. Oh Wow. THANK YOU everybody. It was a lovely day! Out for breakfast and received an enormous muffin with a candle and song from the host and hostess. To Boston to see the 70′ Volvo ocean racers with a behind the scenes tour with Tom and Anne, and home to a house full of flowers (thankyou Jes) and phone messages. A REALLY NICE DAY. Thank you all. And the house and yard are clean and tidy and ready for the quilting group of 18 for lunch tomorrow. Whooee and Yowza (I like that one, Kate!)


  3. Lovely bouquet Cynth, thanks!. I can smell the flowers. Such a pretty time of year, you have caught lovely snippets of spring with your camera. Love, Mum


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