Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Regular readers may be asking if I have actually accomplished any sewing lately? And the answer is yes, thank you, but only in spurts.

I finished this after lunch – the white side has bobbin-worked curliques in white on white, and the green side seems to be covered in leaves. The whole winding center looked like a beanstalk to me – sprouting and keeping one side from the other, Mostly it was a series of experiments in filling areas with bobbin work, but I am quite pleased with the over all feel.

I tried using it as a rubbing plate for paint sticks, and the results were mixed. Plus the colors came through the fabric onto the very tips of the white work. So I may wind up rubbing color across the top of the whitework, making it more green. But I thought I’d test that idea on a smaller piece first. As well as the next piece which has a much more riverine feel to it.

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