bronze horse

bronze horse
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I am thinking about horses, and birthdays, and teeth.

Not necessarily all at the same time. The birthday is done, which is a huge relief. I work hard to pretend I don’t care about them, but I do, and I want them to be lovely and/or meaningful. At 48 it has no great significance unless you have an affection for the 12s tables, so I had to rely on lovely. We had a dessert tasting from the local fabulous bakery, and everyone had enough dessert and a taste of everything they were curious about. Plus a lot of laughing, and very fine company. I blew out candles, we discussed science, the vagaries of children when they were young and whether or not fish could recognize a person. We decided the last issue by dunking Bill’s (waterproof to 5 ft) digital video camera into the water pitcher. The consensus was that if they had enough neurons to rub together, they could recognize a particular human.

Teeth because a tooth is hurting and I am waiting to hear back from the dentist to see if he can see me today or I have to wait until tomorrow.

Horses because I want to think about something lovely, and that counts. This one is from an illustrated Beowulf I borrowed from Cathy. We are thinking of making him into a T-shirt.

I think I have to make a flock of fiber horses.

In looking back over last year’s entries, I wasn’t pleased with my work for August/Sept then either. Maybe it is ennui, or the alignment of the stars, or maybe I just have a fall flop and need some time to get juiced up again. Horses might do it.