sewing table audition

sewing table audition
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

same window, same corner – lots of stuff gone. Some is in the cellar, because I just can’t stand to let go of it, however if it gets flooded and wrecked I will only be a little sad. Five boxes are gone to people who will use it; Freecycle, a community art group, and the school. There are more boxes to look through, but I guess I am mostly resigned to putting my hand on every object I have in the room and deciding what to do with it.

The sewing table is undergoing an audition. It doesn’t feel quite right, but I may just be out of practice sewing at a shorter table.

3 thoughts on “sewing table audition

  1. Brave, brave woman. I salute you!
    (And, when you’re done, if you’re still hankering to sort you can come on over here….)


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