power tools

I wrestled with a pile of power tools yesterday. I managed not to remove any fingers, which is always good.

The hedge is substantially shorter than it was, and my neighbor can now see over it when she backs out of her driveway. This maintains a peaceful relationship between us and the neighbor with lawn issues. I keep the hedge down and she keeps off my case about how ratty and kid abused out back yard is.

My work table (which closely resembles a hollow core door on six stacked shoe holders) has been removed from the workroom. I am trying to make space that is permanent; real furniture, real materials, and no casters. The table has been a stop-gap measure for years. I just decided it wasn't working. So I whacked a chuck off the end of it, and I'll see if that makes it fit better, and if I use it better. Things just stacked up on it, until I couldn't find anything. Clearly I don't need something that long, if I only pile things on the end. Unfortunately I have no clear idea what to rest it on.

I am wavering on what to put back. I had to rest my sewing machine on something, so I have a sewing table given by some friends. It feels pretty sturdy, so it is almost real furniture, although it doesn't quite meet the real materials criteria. I need a place to construct things, and I've been doing that mostly on the ironing board. I was thinking about a piece of Ikea kitchen ware with lots of drawers to store fabric and sewing machine parts, and than padding part of the top for ironing purposes. It would be nice to have enough ironing space for big square works all at once. 

2 thoughts on “power tools

  1. When building my workroom/studio we took 2 hollowcore doors and fastened them together into a large L shape then stategically placed 3 old 2 drawer file cabinets that I had painted to coordinate with the room under as storage/support.
    The L shape works great for my sewing/knitting/stamping/scrapbooking and the girls occcasionally take it over for homework and projects. With the 6 large drawers I have room to store patterns, paper, cutting tools, sewing crap etc….In addition there is enough room under the desk to store things like fiberfill and old fabric I’m not ready to part with or use….


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