forks are hard

March 18
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Dedicated readers will wonder if I will ever draw anything besides what I see in front of me at the table (or counter). They may also wonder if I spend any time not thinking about food. Short answers are, respectively, yes, and no. Eventually I will endeavor to introduce more color as well.

I am still getting into a drawing groove, and the whole sketchbook concept still feels kind of forced. I had to wrestle my plate back from two energetic wait-staff today so I could sketch the wreckage, which was funny but embarrassing. Forks are a really strange shape.

Yoga this morning, circus this evening, plus a band concert from Aerin. So we will race home from Vermont eating bagel sandwiches so we can sit and be serenaded by the middle school bands. Good times. Really. Knitting time.

One thought on “forks are hard

  1. Lee, your beautiful dancing leaves postcard has arrived! I am so pleased; it is even more beautiful than the original photo. I’m going to get it framed and hang it in my study, next to the computer, so I can look at it for inspiration when I’m stuck.


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