short vacation

I’ve been really busy, and have Nothing to show for it.

I’ve been riding a little bit, which entails trailering to a local indoor arena because Wendy’s ring is still under a solid 12" of combined snow and ice. I’ve been looking for a horse of my own, but I don’t think that is what I really want. I’ve been looking for riding lessons, which I do want, but I’d like to strike some fine balance between so hard I cry and easy enough to be boring.

In circus I’ve been learning new tricks on fabric, and they are HARD. There may be pictures later, it depends on Al’s ability to make the camera go, or Aerin’s being done with her class before I have to flee because she can make the camera go. It’s high tech. Even with a geek for a husband, there is a generational tech gap…

In my fabric/fiber projects I just finished a lot of prep work, so I have postcards trimmed to size and ready to go, because apparently that is a huge hurdle for me. I trimmed up a bunch of backs as well,so if I promised you a postcard in the last couple months, it should be headed your way soon.

Postcards soon. TIF challenge is underway. I don’t think I can do the colors, though I’ll stick some in, but I am all over the prompt: look hard at the details. That is my specialty.

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