mud, ice, water over sand

Mar 5
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

A part of iceberg melting on the beach. The diamond pattern at the bottom is part of the channeling process. Any stream that is sediment loaded beyond its capacity to move it all starts making braided channels. Overloaded pretty much defines water flowing over a beach. That lovely criss-cross happens all the time. Look at the edge of the waves, where they pull back, the next time you get a chance.

I also started over on the February journal page. The rough draft now looks more like this:


The critique said: text over the horse distracts from the horse, checkered background distracts from everything, can you make the horse really really luscious?

So I uncheckered the background. I put the text all on a separate piece of fabric (printable silk organza) and used it to de-intensify the background some more. Then I used transfer paints, which only work on man-made fabrics, to transfer the horse to the back of the velvet (to make him luscious), which is why he’s going the other way now… It is a stronger composition, but I don’t like it so well, and I still have to decide how much additional stitching to add.

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