archives: nine patch, not so humble

These three pieces are from 2009. I was experimenting with wool – felting it with a machine (dry felting or needle felting) and felting with water and agitation. I incorporated the resulting fabric into pieces with woven fabric and stitching.

Nine patches are a classic block for quilting, but they also make a nice canvas for experimenting with composition.

March 30

wet felted and iron stained felt with cotton strips

March 23 final

machine felted purple and white squares with black wool strips

March 19

commercial felt machine needled to black wool and embellished

three more from the archives

Three abstract works, with an emphasis on the rhythm of repeating squares and circles;

From January 2007, a fabric postcard from the daily ones I made through 2007
Jan 8

From 2008, a larger work about rhythm and counting
May TIF done

And from 2009, counting to fifty. I was thinking hard about turning fifty years old, and wanted to count things. There are fifty tiny shells threaded on five different threads, and centered in fifty silk circles. It was cathartic to make!

April 19