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Bob's rooster

Here is Bob's chicken with a good deal more thread applied. I am particularly proud of the dark green highlights in his tail, which are really visible in real life. 

I fell off Kaboose on Thursday – mostly I have road rash because I was riding bareback in shorts because it was incredibly hot, and I faceplanted in a sandpile. I got back on then, and have ridden her a couple times since, including today in a clinic. The instructor said "when you ride second level" which was absurdly encouraging. Bob rode Penny, and felt some completely new things and was so exhilarated! 

I have to finish some minor details on this rooster, and photograph and mount it, and I can deliver them both to Bob and Leonor over the weekend. 

beginning Bob’s rooster

Bob's rooster

I finished the background for Bob's rooster, and got the silk painted and composed on the background. Now all I have to do is start stitching. Which is generally my favorite part.

It is meditative, and kind of boring, but it gives definition to all the parts I've laid in place, and the sewing machine makes a noise I like, and I can listen to my music if I want or listen to nothing much if I choose. Things are too noisy to listen to voices, so the news or podcasts don't work so well. Which, given the news these days, is just fine, really. 

a call for entries accomplished

Andy's River detail 2

This is a detail of a piece called Andy's River. I was thinking of Andy Goldsworthy, but also my neighbor Andy and his daughter River, when I was stitching this. I just entered it into the Northampton Arts Council Follow the River exhibit. I'm excited that people are thinking about the river as a whole, and how we live in this watershed. It also sounded like they were asking for this specific piece, clearly I feel it is a good match!

The whole piece looks like this:

Andy's River

Andy's River, 2009, fabric and stitching, 13"x22"