Using quilting materials and fine art sensibilities, I create visual work in a tactile medium. Close observation of my local environment gives me a wealth of subjects to draw from. The end results, framed and hanging on the wall, resemble paintings from across the room, and intricate, detailed portrayals of natural materials, landscapes and abstracts from closer.

My work can be seen at Grow Gallery in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, and annually at the Crane Estate Art Show and Sale to benefit the Trustees of Reservations, in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

15 thoughts on “Welcome

      1. Hi Lee! Nice to hear from you so promptly. Thank you. I love the horse pieces, so any one of them or several would be wonderful. I was hoping for fairly large prints, at least 8×10 inches, but possibly 16×20.
        Have we met? How do you know my riding? I love photography too! You may have already noticed that. Haha…

        Thanks again, Cindy


      2. Hi Cindy – I audited some of the clinics you’ve done at Cado Farm in Pelham, MA and Xenophon in Montague MA.

        8×10″ reproductions are $20, 16×20″ are $65, prints are shipped rolled in heavy-duty tubes to protect them.

        The horse pieces are not standard sizes, so they need to be trimmed after printing. The prints are enlarged to fit the longest dimension of the piece to the paper.


    1. Hi , This is your cousin Sarah. What beautiful work you are doing. I am particularly fond of the rivers ..
      Now that you are a partner in the Thomson farm I think you should have a creek named after you. And I’ll send you an aerial photo of the farm Showing the main Creek and the little side creeks. The creeks with springs, and there are several of them, have water all year, even during droughts and are favorites of the animals.
      What are you working on this summer? SEP


  1. Oh, so lovely and inspiring. My friend Amanda G recommended that I look at your work, and I sure am glad she did. How do you get those amazing gradations of colors on fabric? I do it on watercolor paper, but hugely admire your color relationships, textures, and the ways that you use the quilting to add depth, richness, cultural continuity, and your own designs. Wow. Thank you for making artwork.


  2. Hi Lee! Today I received your ‚dragoman‘ canvas! I got so excited! Its Great! But now I am kind of curious which one of my two canvases YOU got in return? We were SWAPPED together! At least, finally, we both find our canvases on the same page of the ‚Visual Encyclopedia‘! Your canvas now stays in Germany.


    1. Hi Thomas! I have Gallus – a truly stunning rooster, with French flag edges, I like it a lot, it looks like a rooster at a barn where I worked! Your rooster is in Massachusetts, overlooking a big river.


  3. Very intriguing. I love the subtlety of it. Inside, I envy having a machine capable of such stitching without me pulling out my hair in the attempt. 🙂


      1. I’ve heard you need a special foot on your machine. To be honest, I rarely use the machine as most of my sewing is by hand


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