what DO you do?

May TIF done
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I finished it in the middle of last month, well ahead of schedule, but the clean out (still progressing) was in the stage where a lot of thing get piled on other things and it vanished into a stack of other stuff.

I have been thinking about groups of things and rhythms across a piece. I also wanted to know exactly how many of a thing I had made. I wound up with this grid of 100 squares of woven fabrics – 10 pink, 10 blue, – held together with the embroidered circles at each intersection. All the original ideas had elaborate plans for patterns within patterns following each fabric across the page, but as I started the embroidery process I realized I wanted it simpler than that.

I am pleased with the object as is, I am also thinking I could chop it up into business cards, to really put the final, performance, spin on the answer to "so what is it you do? exactly?"

4 thoughts on “what DO you do?

  1. I haven’t done much looking at the TIF blog – but each month, your work seems to be one of the ones I linger over, May’s piece being no exception.
    Your variations ….
    This is what I do, when I go like this
    This is what I mean when I say what I do
    This is what I do
    …. capture perfectly my inability to explain what I do. Who I am and what I do are the same.


  2. I like all the circles embroidered over the squares, this is a very effective piece. It was the one piece I chose to click on of about 15 thumbnails that were visible on the flickr page today. Great colors too.


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